European Studies on Personal Mastery

Casuistic research into the educational culture in several (European) countries.

Discription of the project

The project is a casuistic research into the educational culture in several (European) countries. Starting from stories about education (in which personal mastery and the local meaning thereof play the main role) we have constructed vignettes to be used in teacher training education. The aim of the research is to develop narratives which challenge student / preservice teachers to reflect on their own professional identity.


The output of the research is formed by four vignettes and an article.


The vignettes constructed are freely accessible on this website. Posters with quotes from the vignettes can be requested from the project leader. The poster is a means to spark interest and function as a conversation starter on topics related to Personal Mastery. Qr-codes on the poster lead to this website, where the vignette can be read in full.

The protagonists of the vignettes are Layla, Maria, Maite and Ria, from England, Belgium, the Basque Country and Germany respectively. They are imaginary teachers based on the interviews of real persons. Each of them runs us through aspects of their daily life as a teacher and some of the dilemma’s they encounter regarding e.g. organizational issues and change.

Follow the links below to read the vignettes.

Layla from England   

Maria from Belgium

Maite from the Basque Country

Ria from Germany

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